ios Development

IOS stands for iPhone operating system. iOS is Apple’s proprietary operating system that runs on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and MacBook. Built for multi-touch interaction, all user input in iOS is through touch gesturing, a technology that Apple has pioneered. Through the use of actions such as swiping, pulling, pinching, and tapping, users are put in a fluid, intuitive experience. Many of Apple’s devices house gyroscopes and accelerometers, which allows users to change the orientation of applications as well as directly control by simply tilting the devices.

After Android, iOS is the second most commonly used mobile phone operating system in the world. Most developed countries and elite business associations prefer using iOS for web development. At Global Era Infotech, we ensure high quality iOS solutions for our customers to help them expand their businesses globally with our experienced and skilled team.

ios Development Service


  • Multitasking and multi-touch
  • Game Centre and apple store
  • Interactive Personal Assistant – Siri
  • Voice over IP
  • Background location and external accessories
  • Bluetooth accessories

ios Development Services:

  • Custom iOS app development
  • IOS widget development
  • IOS web application development
  • IOS API customization
  • IOS application support, maintenance& optimization
  • IOS app testing services
  • Porting of existing iOS apps to the Android and Windows Phone platform and vice versa

We Focused On:

  • Designing according to existing trends
  • Smooth and user friendly layouts
  • Participation and forums and communities
  • Capitalizing on original app idea
  • Customer reviews and ratings
  • Interactive app development and customization services