Industries We Serve

With our niche industry experience, we help our clients gain upper hand in a rapidly changing digital marketing environment. Global Era Infotech has a depth and breadth of experience across the following industry sectors.


We work for automobile industry. we provide technical solutions for automobile industry & help bringing industry products online infront of large customer base, enhancing products sales effectively.


Case studies, trade shows, blogs, whitepapers, testimonials, articles, website - let us count the ways our team works for our manufacturing and industrial clients. You have a story to tell, we have a solution to your customer’s problem. Let's Talk.


Food is an essential part of our lives. The food industry comprises a complex network of activities pertaining to the supply, consumption, and catering of food products.


Cotton is the raw material for fashion industry, thus cotton industry is the backbone of fashion industry, we can say fashion industry directly rely on cotton industry, we serve cotton industry by providing strategic & technical solutions to our customers.


The Technology industry represents a strategic pillar of the economy. Global Era Infotech supports organizations to optimize their business processes, streamline their operations and provide customers true value and best in class experiences.


We work for Ceramic industry. we provide technical solutions like software & website, specially designed for ceramic industry needs, helping our customers to bring their large variety of products infront of large online audience.


End-to-End software solution specifically designed for furniture retailers. Global Era Infotech caters to all furniture retailers to help them run their businesses smoothly and more efficiently, with specific features to suit all their needs and requirements.


We partner with educational institutions to help them grow in the new world order. Our technical solutions backed by analytical capabilities enable institutions to focus on their core area of business and provide better services to their customers.


Submersible pump is a mechanical device used for transferring various types of fluid in different end use industries and is highly preferred for agricultural and industrial applications. we serve submersible pump industry with technical & marketing strategies to boost up our customer's brand.


Unlike other sectors, farming is special. It is essential for sustaining daily lives. We are likely to offer time and cost efficient services to agriclutral companies, by decreasing the hassle of advertising and providing technical assistance.